Toonoo Sharky



"I was influenced by my grandfather Kopapik Ragee, and also by Shorty Killiktee.  The first carving I did was at the age of ten.  I think it was a bird or a seal.”  Toonoo has been carving ever since and it has been his only source of income.  He likes to carve in serpentine and marble stone.  “I like the colours and also the textures of both stones.  When I’m starting on a piece of stone, I like to slowly work on the piece until the shape starts forming into a shape I can recognize.  Sometimes, I just go by the shape of the stone. My favourite subjects are bird figures with human faces - Toonoo Sharky

Toonoo is the son of the late carver, Josephee Sharky and Ragee Killiktee.  “My younger brothers, Napachie and Alasua are also carving”, says Toonoo.  He lives with Mary Saila, and they have an adopted child. Toonoo’s favourite pastimes are carving, hunting, watching television and spending time with his family.