Jean Taylor - The Dance

"The transformation of humans into animals is a dominant theme in Northwest Coast mythology. When our people don the masks and regalia representing our crests and cultural history, the dance is considered transformative. Humans take on the animal spirit. 
Raven is one of the most popular Northwest Coast creatures and I was intrigued by the idea of him wearing human regalia and dancing in his own transformative ceremony - taking on the human spirit. 
This led me to create a body of work featuring some of my favorite animals wearing the Chilkat robes, button blankets and cedar hats of my people.
Chilkat blankets are highly valued along the Northwest Coast. The fringes on the blankets are made from twined mountain goat wool and they sway with the motion of the dancer. My challenge was to capture this movement and enhance the feeling of motion in the paintings.
I hope the viewer enjoys these images as much as I enjoyed creating them."
- Jean Taylor

 August 2015