Arlene Ness


Arlene Ness is a multi-talented artist who works in many mediums. She graduated from the prestigious Kitanmaax School of Northwest Coast Art as well as the Freda Diesing School of Art. Additionally, Arlene completed an apprenticeship with the famous Gitxsan jeweler Earl Muldon. Arlene immerses herself in her culture and strives to express the spirit of her ancestors, her love of nature and her creative vision in each piece that she produces. She has participated in major projects, such as the Kitselas Canyon Totem Poles and the Art Plan for the Hazelton NW College campus. She works in stained glass, ink, watercolor, silver and wood. Arlene’s goal is to “create moments in time” from her history and “soul-touching moments” from her own life.


Available Artwork