Noah Jaw


Born in 1976, artist Noah Jaw is known for his bears and his hunter in kayak carvings.    He carves with clear lines on his bears, musk oxen and kayakers.  He will often include ropes of leather or small tools and spears carved from bone or antler.  He also enjoys carving walruses and musk oxen.  His work has been exhibited in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, New York City, South Korea and Germany.

He comes from a family of artists.  His father is Matthew Jaw, an established carver as well as former mayor of Cape Dorset.  His brothers Kellypalik Jaw and Ricky Jaw are also carvers.  His aunt is graphic artist Geela Jaw.  His uncle is renowned carver Pootoogook Jaw.  Noah has spent many hours learning techniques and skills from his family.


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