Marilyn Hank


Marilyn Hank is from Point Hope, Alaska. She is a very respected and well-known baleen basket weaver throughout Alaska and the Northwest Coast. She learned how to weave from her parents, Eunice and Carl Hank, who were also expert basket weavers. Eunice and Carl learned to weave in Point Hope, but later moved to Barrow, Alaska. They worked side-by-side and often attributed their baskets to each other, regardless of who actually wove the piece. Their trademark finial was an ivory carving of a double seal.

Continuing the family legacy, Marilyn in turn has taught her sons Harry and John Hank the art of baleen basket weaving. She is quite prolific and creates a variety of small baskets annually. About once every three years, she creates a large showpiece basket. Her meticulously woven, beautiful baskets can be found in private collections and fine art galleries spanning the globe.


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